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"The NYU community grieves today for the lives lost in the tragic, brutal set of killings that took place yesterday in Georgia. While the police investigation into the motive for these murders continues, the deaths of these eight victims — six of whom were Asian, including five women —  stand out not only for their senselessness and violence, but also for the backdrop against which they occurred: an appalling increase in hateful attacks across the country directed at those in the Asian community.

"We at NYU stand together with the Asian community in mourning the murdered, in repudiating and opposing those who fan the fires of hate and stoke them with violent acts, and in letting the members of this community at NYU know that they are welcome here, that they are supported, that they belong here, and that as an institution we remain committed to their safety and well-being.

"In this tragic moment, I want to remind everyone that we will continue to take action to address specific issues here at NYU, to proactively provide educational and learning opportunities, and that we also have an extensive set of services available including: the Wellness Exchange for students, the Employee Assistance Program for employees, and the Office of Global Inclusion and A/P/A Institute for all. I also want to remind NYUers that if they are subjected to or witness incidents of bias or harassment, we have additional resources to assist, including the Office of Equal Opportunity, the Bias Response Line, and the NYU Department of Public Safety." 

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