In this episode of NYU Brainiacs, you'll learn about the "voice cultivation process" and how coworkers can help each other speak up, be heard, and give their ideas a chance to thrive. You'll also discover how NYU Law students are defending the advocates who fight for immigrants' rights and bringing their stories to life through an interactive map. And did you know that hackers can gain access to your car's computer?! Well, rest assured because Tandon researchers are now fighting these cybercriminals with new open source software.

Immigrant Rights

Law students from the Immigrants Rights Clinic bring the voices of immigrant defenders to life through this interactive map

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Voice Cultivation Process

Research by Prof. Patricia Satterstrom (NYU Wagner) shows how "upvoicing" ideas & cultivating support from coworkers leads to innovation

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Blocking Hackers

Prof. Justin Cappos (NYU Tandon) and colleagues create new technology to stop hackers from compromising computers in cars and companies

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