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"Last week’s federal court decision was very disappointing. For far too long, the status of Dreamers has been subject to the vagaries of politics and conflicting judicial rulings, forcing these young people to live under a constant cloud of uncertainty. So the court’s decision underscores the critical importance of developing a comprehensive and permanent legislative solution that will both protect current DACA recipients in the future, as well as enable others who meet the eligibility requirements to apply.

"NYU remains unwavering in its support of Dreamers, whom we cherish as part of both our NYU community and our nation as a whole. We have and will continue to advocate on their behalf to help ensure that they can have a clear path to citizenship.

"We also want to remind members of the NYU community who have legal concerns related to their immigration status to contact the NYU Immigrant Defense Initiative, a project of the NYU School of Law’s Immigrant Rights Clinic."


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John Beckman
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