A Webinar Event Hosted by La Maison Française of NYU – March 17

Julia Kristeva
Photo by Sophie Zhang

La Maison Française of NYU will present “Thinking with Julia Kristeva,” a conference webinar event on—and with—the French philosopher Julia Kristeva on Wednesday, March 17, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with more than two dozen participants. 

The event is organized to celebrate the publication of two major publications on Kristeva and her work, and is a highlight of the spring season of La Maison Française.

To be presented as a Zoom webinar, the event is free and open to the public (with advance registration). It will be recorded, and the video will be available on the YouTube channel of La Maison Française of NYU several weeks after the event. 

Julia Kristeva is a writer, psychoanalyst, and professor emeritus at the University of Paris Diderot-Paris 7. She is a tutelary member of the Psychoanalytical Society of Paris and doctor Honoris Causa of a number of universities where she teaches regularly in the United States, Canada and Europe. Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commander of the Order of Merit, and the first laureate of the Holberg Prize in December 2004, Kristeva was awarded the Hannah Arendt Prize in December 2006 and the Vaclav Havel Prize in 2008. Julia Kristeva created in 2008 the Prize Simone de Beauvoir for the freedom of the women. She is the author of some 30 works, including Revolution in Poetic Language, Tales of Love, Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia, Proust and the Sense of Time, the trilogy Female Genius: Hannah Arendt, Melanie Klein and Colette, Hate and Forgiveness, The Incredible Need to Believe (2007), Possessions: A Novel, Murder in Byzantium,Seule une femmeTeresa, my love (2008), Pulsions du temps (2013), L’Horloge enchantée (2015). Her work has been published in English and most of her books are available in major languages throughout the world.

“Julia Kristeva, born in Bulgaria in 1941, is one of the most important French thinkers today. Philosopher, psychoanalyst, semiotician and novelist, she was at the avant-garde of the theoretical revolutions in the 1970s, and she has continually reinvented her topics and her writing,” said François Noudelmann, professor of French Literature, Thought and Culture in the NYU Faculty of Arts and Science, who helped organize the webinar event. “On March 17, 2021, at La Maison Française of NYU, ‘Thinking with Julia Kristeva’ will bring together some 20 specialists around her to retrace her intellectual path and to talk about feminism, desire and melancholy, faith and politics.”

Recently, two books have been published about her work, including The Philosophy of Julia Kristeva, ed. Sara G. Beardsworth, in The Library of Living Philosophers (Open Court Publishing, 2020); and At the Risk of Thinking: An Intellectual Biography of Julia Kristeva, by Alice Jardine (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020).

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