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“Yesterday, the Mayor announced new efforts to combat anti-Asian bigotry and called on all New Yorkers to fight this expanding wrong. It is a call we should all heed.

“The disturbing increase in anti-Asian violence in our country and our area has accompanied the spread of COVID, propelled in no small part by odious rhetoric that has sought to place blame for the spread of COVID on the members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community, specifically those of Chinese descent. It is difficult not to conclude that these blatant verbal assaults stoked the animosities, attacks and violence that have followed. It is a very old and very disturbing story: sow condemnation, reap hatred.

“Even as the urgency of this fight becomes more widely recognized and the City takes steps to battle the violence and ongoing degradation of members of this community, NYU will also continue to take action to ensure all of our community members globally feel included and respected, as integral members of the NYU community. We encourage you to avail yourself of resources from the Office of Global Inclusion. Members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community at NYU should know that the larger University community continues to support them, and to create an environment where all community members might thrive. As such, we at NYU unequivocally condemn the rise in hatred and renounce the ongoing acts of violence and prejudice. If you witness acts of violence or bias please take action by reporting it immediately. Such acts are unacceptable and we must all work to ensure that all members of our community can live, work, and learn without fear. We remain determined and deeply committed to upholding and realizing our NYU community’s global diversity, anti-racism, anti-xenophobia, equity, and inclusion values.”

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