Quarantine to End for Most Students

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“On Saturday, September 12, results from our extensive ongoing testing program showed four positive results in Rubin Residence Hall; positive results for two other students came in on Sunday.

“In addition to following our regular protocols–isolating those with positive results and quarantining their close contacts–we also retested the entire residence hall and, out of an abundance of caution, had all the residents of Rubin quarantine until we had the results of the new testing.

“We have now received and had an opportunity to review the new test data, which showed two additional positive cases (making for a total of eight out of Rubin’s 400 students, or a positive rate of about 2%).

“We have conferred with the City’s Health Department and together agreed that those Rubin residents with negative tests–which represents most of students who live there–can end quarantine and resume activities, though they must get tested one more time tomorrow.

“Those in isolation because of positive findings or quarantining because they have been deemed close contacts must continue to isolate or quarantine until cleared by NYU’s COVID-19 Prevention and Response Team (CPRT).

“The small number of students who were away at the time the residence-hall-wide quarantine was enacted will be able to return when we receive negative test results for them.”

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