As NYU commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, this *episode of our impromptu trivia game show features five alumnae who made history in fields from film to engineering and design. Watch and play along as NYU News' Sapna Parikh & the Pop Quiz Team stop students on their way to class to test their knowledge of NYU's pioneering women past and present.  (*This video was shot before COVID)

Featured Students

  • Adaeze Ucheagwu (CAS ’22)
  • Arijeet Sensharma (Law ’22)
  • Catherine Larrabee (’22)Law
  • Caroline Marks (Law ’22)
  • Cheyenne Porcher (Gallatin ’21)
  • Connor MacLean (Law ’22)
  • Kaitlyn McMillan (Law ’22)
  • Nadia Cowan (CAS ’23)
  • Sophie Minter (Law ’22)
  • Stephanie Kerr (Law ’22)
Behind the Scenes Episode 3:

Pop Quiz Team


  • Producer/Host/Editor        Sapna Parikh
  • Camera/Field Producer      Jorge Corona
  • Second Camera                   Danielle Fuller (Tisch '22)
  • Production Asst.                  Lynn Fu (Gallatin '20)
  • Production Asst.                  Cheyenne Porcher (Gallatin '21)
  • Supervising Producer         Jason Hollander
  • Supervising Producer         Eileen Reynolds



This video was shot before COVID and all the current safety protocols