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"COVID-19 remains the focus of a working group of senior administrators at NYU.  That group has been meeting daily to scrutinize new information COVID-19 virus, report to NYU's senior-most leadership, respond to developments that affect NYU's programs, and plan for contingencies.  In its work, the group is guided by a commitment to the health and safety of the NYU community and the University's responsibility to fulfill its academic mission of education and scholarship.  

"Among the most recent developments are the following:


  • Travel Prohibition: NYU has prohibited all upcoming non-essential international travel.
  • Study Abroad Programs 
    • NYU's Study Abroad site in Florence: On February 24, NYU suspended in-person classes at its Florence Study Abroad site, temporarily suspended day-to-day operations at the Florence campus, and sent students home.  Classes resumed through remote technologies this week and will continue (except for spring break) until at least March 29, when we hope to be able to reconvene classes at the Florence campus.
    • Our other 11 Study Abroad locations: After reviewing guidance from the CDC and the New York State Department of Health, NYU will continue conducting classes in its other 11 locations at this juncture. However, the University today communicated with students studying abroad that they can voluntarily return to their homes and participate in their classes remotely, if they wish.  The University will continue to closely monitor conditions in those countries for developments that might cause NYU to change its assessment.
  • Contingency Planning
    • Currently conditions do not indicate a need to alter the regular program of teaching and learning and research.  However, out of an abundance of caution and readiness, the University, working the deans of its schools, are undertaking relevant contingency planning to sustain our students' educational progress and safeguard scholarly research in the event such a need should arise.

At the NYU Abu Dhabi campus

  • Candidates' Weekend: Candidates Weekend, which draws applicants from around the world to NYU Abu Dhabi's campus, is a unique and important part of the admissions process there.  Given the circumstances, leadership at NYUAD has decided to substitute a "virtual Candidates' Weekend" for the scheduled, upcoming, in person Candidates' Weekend
  • Inauguration of the New Vice Chancellor : NYUAD will postpone until fall the planned inauguration of a new vice chancellor
  • Postponement of Academic Summit: An academic summit to be held in conjunction with the Times Higher Ed in early March that would have drawn higher education leaders from around the region will be postponed
  • Personal Travel: NYUAD is urging its community members to postpone personal travel for the time being"

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