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"Coronavirus-related developments are the subject of daily high-level analysis, planning, and response at NYU, and the University continues to rely on the tenets that have guided it since word of the new illness first emerged -- a commitment to safeguard our community's health; a commitment to our core academic mission, including students' academic continuity; and a commitment to help check the spread of the virus.   

"In recent days there have been some significant decisions and developments.  These include:

  • Transitioning to Remotely-held Classes: On March 9, NYU announced that it is moving to remotely-held classes across the University, including throughout its New York City campus, as of Wednesday, March 11.  Following spring break week -- March 16 through 20 -- all classes will continue to be conducted remotely through at least Friday, March 27
  • COVID-19 in the NYU community: 1) A New York-based faculty member without teaching duties this semester has been confirmed as testing positive for COVID-19.  The faculty member is comfortably self-isolating. 2) A member of the NYU Abu Dhabi community who had been abroad is currently undergoing testing; the individual is resting comfortably in a hospital in the UAE.  The cases are unrelated.  The individuals and the University are acting in close consultation with local health authorities in New York and Abu Dhabi.  These two instances—one confirmed case, one individual undergoing testing—are the only two of which the university is currently aware throughout the NYU community
  • Additional Travel Restrictions - Domestic: The University is prohibiting upcoming, non-essential, University-sponsored domestic travel to California and Washington State, and discouraging other non-essential domestic travel (NYU had previously prohibited non-essential international travel on University business)
  • Cancelling In-person Admissions Activities: NYU is cancelling admissions tours, info sessions, and on-campus events through April
  • Curbing Gatherings: The University has discouraged all non-essential, non-academic public gatherings on campus
  • Restricting Guests: NYU has discouraged the University community from hosting events involving guests who have traveled, and added more restrictive guest policies in the student residence halls
  • Discontinuing In-Person Academic Coursework at All European Study Abroad Sites: On March 10, NYU announced to students at European Study Abroad sites that it is moving to discontinue in-person academic coursework at all its remaining European Study Abroad sites this week (the University closed the Florence site in late February).  The communication, which strongly encouraged the students to travel home, also indicated that all courses would transition to remotely-held classes 

"Notwithstanding these significant changes in University operations and other challenges, NYU's faculty and students, as well as administrators and staff, continue to demonstrate their characteristic resilience and determination.  The University is very proud of them, and grateful to them." 

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