"The University is aware that a recent piece published in a scholarly publication by one of its faculty has been a source of great pain and outrage.

"Many institutions in our society speak with a single voice; however, universities are not among them. The role of the university is to be home to scholars with many points of view, and to remain true to our bedrock principles—academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas—even when the views expressed are controversial or unpopular, and even when the views are at odds with the university community's values and beliefs. The freedom a tenured faculty member has in expressing such a view should not be construed as an endorsement by the University; even when the opposite is true, as in this case, we must still uphold the principle of academic freedom.

"For its part, NYU rejects the kind of argument that the many injustices and great inequality experienced by communities of color are a result of some ostensible inherent cultural difference. NYU is a global university, fully committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion; to combatting the systemic structures that sustain racism and inequality; to social justice; and to fulfilling not just our academic mission but our role as an engine of social mobility."

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