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"Yesterday’s guidance issued by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement unnecessarily puts the students who have come from around the world to study in our country in a very difficult position.  

"International students—who number some 1.1 million—have long been an integral part of US campuses. They contribute to the vibrancy of university education in the US, learn about US values, and bring diverse skills and knowledge to our communities. Our country’s universities routinely attract the best students from around the world, and they in turn help make discoveries, advance knowledge, and spur science, technology, and innovation. 

"At NYU, our hybrid program for fall comprises both in-person and remote learning options. As a result, these new regulations may not affect many of our international students but will be disruptive to some who will now be forced to rethink their fall schedules to ensure they include live classes. The University will work with any affected students so they can continue their studies in the United States as they had initially planned.

"Additionally, requiring international students to maintain in person instruction or leave the country, irrespective of their own health issues or even a government mandated shutdown of New York City, is just plain wrong and needlessly rigid. If there were a moment for flexibility in delivering education, this would be it.  

"Both on our own and in association with other universities, NYU will be reaching out to Federal officials urging them to revoke or modify this rule."


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