13th Year in a Row of Record Numbers of Applications for Freshman Admission

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For Immediate Release: Feb. 3, 2020

NYU today announced that the University had received a record-shattering 85,513 applications for first-year admission this fall. This is the 13th year in a row of record-setting application numbers, and applications have more than doubled during that period. The increase in applications is spread across all of NYU’s undergraduate schools, underscoring NYU’s strength across fields of study.

Approximately 6,700 students are expected to enroll at one of NYU’s three degree-granting campuses – in New York, Abu Dhabi, or Shanghai – next fall.

Growth of NYU applications from 2008 to 2020; Applications to NYU have grown from 37,245 in 2008 to 85,513 in 2020.

Over the last 13 years, NYU has broken its record for admissions applications with each successive year. Applications have more than doubled during this period.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton said, “There are important lessons to be inferred from the remarkable growth in applications to NYU over the last dozen years: young people recognize NYU’s academic strengths across a wide range of disciplines. They are eager for a rigorous liberal arts education, drawn to the vibrancy and diversity of urban settings, attracted by access to internships, and enthusiastic for global learning and research opportunities. They want to be prepared for the challenges and careers of the 21st century, and they rightly believe that across a wide span of human endeavor, NYU can prepare them for it. I look forward to next fall when I will welcome the outstanding freshman class that will emerge from this group of applicants.”

NYU is the first choice of more students: More students than ever before – over 15,000 – designated NYU as their first choice by filing an Early Decision application.

Continued Global Increases: Potential students apply to NYU from every corner of the globe in increasing numbers, helping NYU again to buck the trend reported by other schools of declining international interest. Based on an initial review of the applications, over 23,000 come from outside the United States.

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