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"The safety and well-being of the NYU community remains of paramount concern to the University, and the University continues to monitor 2019-nCoV-related developments, to do planning to minimize disruption to teaching and learning across NYU's global network, and to communicate with students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

"As of yet, there are no cases of infected individuals at any NYU location.

"In an update on Friday, the University discussed a number of important developments. We indicated that at NYU Shanghai classes will start remotely on February 17 using technology. We have focused our academic planning on assisting with the start of classes, helping students who are able to enroll elsewhere in NYU's global network, and permitting those who wish to take a leave of absence. We look forward to resuming classes at NYU Shanghai face-to-face as soon as it is appropriate and practicable.

"We have also been engaged in academic planning to help students who couldn't return to New York because of travel restrictions participate in class. And we made clear that University-related travel to China is suspended, consistent with US government travel advisories.

"In addition, as of last week, we found spots at our New York campus or at our other Study Away sites for the roughly 80 - 100 NYU students who were slated to study away in Shanghai this semester, and we were able to accommodate every student who requested a change.

"Since the update was sent on Friday, the US government has issued new restrictions on travelers coming from China. In line with those changes, and in an effort to ensure that members of our community who may have returned recently from China get the most up-to-date medical and public health guidance, we sent out another communication today to students, faculty, staff, and administrators asking them to fill out a form if they have returned from China since January 20th.

"The NYU community remains calm, with our community members showing a great deal of flexibility in helping to meet the challenges that 2019-nCov has caused."

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