We've seen your selfies and your COVID safety PSAs, so we know and appreciate how good you are at wearing masks—and encouraging others to do the same. If you're like the NYU News team, you may even dream about masks sometimes, or look at old photos and marvel that we ever went without them, or gathered in big crowds. 


Contest Premise

So here's the deal: COVID safety protocols are obviously no joke. Wearing your own mask, keeping your distance, and being tested regularly are all givens. But while we're all cooped up for a socially distant winter break, why not have a little fun with some creative covering up? Look around you and see what else could or should have a mask, from statues and snowpeople to inanimate objects that don't really even have faces, unless you really use your imagination.

Our contest is simple: Spot a face, add a mask (in Photoshop or real life) and email a photo to nyustories[at]nyu[dot]edu for a chance to win a pair of Swoveralls from The Great Fantastic, founded by NYU alum Kyle Bergman (Stern '19). We've included examples for inspiration, a downloadable mask file, and official contest rules below. May the wackiest idea win!

nutcracker in NYU violet wearing a crown with NYU logo and a medical mask. nutcracker is standing on the subway in front of a "Keep Each Other Safe" ad

statue of Albert Gallatin wearing a homemade mask that says "NYU Gallatin" on it

face of flowers with medical mask photoshopped on

horse statue wearing a medical mask

snowman with mask photoshopped on

Contest Rules

  1. The contest is open to all current NYU students. 
  2. Deadline extended: Email your creations to nyustories[at]nyu[dot]edu with the subject line "not another mask selfie contest" by Monday, January 25, February 1, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Include your NYU school and graduation year in your email.
  3. You can put a mask on a physical object and photograph that, or use digital tools to add a mask to a photo you've already taken. (Feel free to download and use this mask image.)
  4. Only submit photos to which you own the rights. Copyrighted images cannot be considered for this contest.
  5. Don't do anything illegal or unsafe just to get or a photo in real life—Photoshop is totally fair game!
  6. The winner will receive a pair of Swoveralls. We'll email to arrange prize delivery.