Many thanks to all who entered our cozy coloring contest, which ran over Thanksgiving break! We received over 45 entries, and while the NYU News team has promised to select winners who will receive NYU sweatshirts, it's not going to be easy. So along with the ten finalists (in the video below), we're sharing all the entries here for you to enjoy. Click the gallery next to each coloring template to see what our creative students were able to do with it.


GCASL with Washington Square Park View

The Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life with a View of Washington Square Park

Bobst Atrium

Illustration of Bobst Library atrium

Tandon's 6 Metrotech Center

Entrance to NYU Tandon's 6 Metrotech Center

Washington Mews

Illustration of Washington Mews

Dancing Gallatin

Dancing Gallatin

NYU Shanghai

Bike parking on NYU's Shanghai campus

WSP Arch with Summer Foliage

Washington Square Park

The Global Network University

Abu Dhabi's Etihad tower, Shanghai's Pearl tower, and New York's Empire State Building representing the global homes of NYU's three campuses