While COVID-19 has us distanced from one another physically, we remain connected as a community in spirit—and online, of course. We're looking forward to the day when it's safe for us to gather again, but until then, here are a few favorite campus photos—selected from our archives by the NYU News team—that can bring a little #VioletPride to your phone, laptop screen, Zoom meetings, and more. 

Special Edition for #NYU2024

new york city scene with cab and NYU flag: text reads #NYU2024 Welcome home.

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Other Featured Wallpapers

books in the foregraound and a sliver on the right side showing the city skyline from inside bobst library

view of the red art sculpture at NYU's Brooklyn Campus with dramatic light and shadows

View of the law school and the NYU flag outside of it

Flowers at washington square park, with the arch just out of focus in the background

out of focus aerial view of the arch and washington square park, with raindrops on glass in focus

a view of the bobst atrium ceiling

snowy street with the park on side side and NYU buildings on the other, a yellow taxi cab in the middle

campus in the low light of dawn, the Silver Center on the left and the park and Bobst Library on the right

Pigeons in Washington Square Park, with NYU buildings and a flag out of focus in the background