In this episode of NYU Brainiacs, you’ll discover the connection between your memory and sense of smell, and how certain odors may improve your recollection of events.  We also show you the fluid mechanics theory that explains how thousands of fish can swim seamlessly in schools without crashing into each other (Hint: Fish like to surf).  And you’ll learn how NYU researchers are working to monitor the seasonal migratory patterns of birds automatically and in real time, thanks to some well-trained “smart sensors.”  

Smell & Memory

How certain odors may improve your recollection of events

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Why Fish Don't Crash

The fluid dynamics theory that may improve methods of harnessing energy from rivers

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The BirdVox Project

Real-time monitoring of the seasonal migratory patterns of birds

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The Brainiacs Series features the range of research currently underway at New York University’s global campuses, and its widespread impact on our health, our environment, and our understanding of the world we live in.

  • Producer/Host/Editor: Sapna Parikh
  • Camera: Dan Thoennessen, Bronson Aznavorian
  • Studio Manager: Bob Kerr
  • Production Asst.: Arnav Mehta
  • Animation Open: Josh Magpantay
  • Music: Evan Roth/Pond5
  • Recorded at the NYU Stern Studio
  • Produced by the NYU Office of University Relations & Public Affairs
  • Cardinal audio courtesy of Lang Elliott/Music of Nature
  • Supplemental footage by Storyblocks