New dining service prioritizes sustainability and affordability while maintaining a diversity of dining options

NYU Student Dining Hall

NYU students, faculty, and administrators will be able to access a wide array of new dining options with the recent launch of NYU’s campus-wide dining service, NYU Eats. In addition to providing 120,000 meals per week to the NYU community, NYU Eats will introduce expanded sustainable food options, affordable meal deals, and food-related pop-ups and educational offerings.

The creation of NYU Eats marks the official launch of NYU dining services with new catering provider, Chartwells. Chartwells was selected after an extensive process conducted by a committee comprised of students, faculty, and administrators during the 2018-2019 academic year.

“Thanks to the high degree of community involvement from the outset – from the selection process, right through this summer’s soft-launch – NYU Eats is hitting the ground running this academic year with offerings that are a fantastic reflection of NYU’s dining priorities,” said Owen Moore, Assistant Vice President for Campus Services. “We’re excited to introduce innovations like the new farmer’s market and flexible dining deals while continuing to provide the popular features – from Starbucks to fresh made sushi – that NYU diners have come to know and love. And happily, we were able to ensure that our dining hall staff will continue in their roles under the new management.”

Along with a variety of meal options, encompassing vegan, kosher, Halal, and allergen-free food items, at dining halls in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYU Eats will introduce the following enhanced services, based on priorities highlighted by the dining contract search committee:


  • Composting – all dining locations will use BPA free, 100% renewable compostable serving vessels and utensils, complying with ASTM standards and produced from reclaimed materials;
  • Waste Reduction – through the Waste Not program, food waste will be recorded, measured, and analyzed at each dining location to facilitate best practices in waste reduction; Perfect Serving sugar dispensers have been installed to eliminate packaging waste. 
  • Sustainable Partnerships - compostable Seastraws will be available upon request, and excess food will be donated to the Two Birds One Stone student club for distribution to local soup kitchens.
  • Menus of Change - All dining locations will feature menu options that support human and planetary health chosen from the best plant-forward global cuisine, emphasizing seasonal, local produce, and humane and sustainable animal products.


  • Big Meal Deals – rotating special meal offers in the $3 and $5, price ranges.
  • Love, NYU Eats – pop-up food complimentary food offerings in keeping with NYU Eats’ pillars of culture and community.


  • Teaching Kitchens – free cooking instruction for students around rotating themes, such as international cuisine, vegan protein substitutions, and holiday cooking.
  • Demonstrations – aimed at enhancing diners’ knowledge of sustainability initiatives supported by NYU, such as “Zero Waste Bites,” “How to compost at home,” or an interactive game to learn about biodegradability, to take place at Kimmel and Jasper Kane Café.
  • Superfood Tuesdays – educating diners about plant-forward concepts, including recipes and tastings. 
  • Counseling – free general nutrition counseling, on-site allergen experts (in cooperation with the Moses Center), and specialized nutrition services in partnership with NYU Athletics.

In the interests of ensuring continuous innovation and feedback from the community, NYU Eats has also developed the Incubator Team, a think-tank comprised of students, faculty, and dining administrators to undertake various projects, beginning with the development of a new meal plan offering to be launched in fall of 2020. For more information about NYU Eats, please visit or follow @nyu.eats on Instagram.

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