******This statement was revised on October 31, 2019 to reflect additional information related to the Upstein DoH inspection.*****

NYU Eats

Six NYU Eats dining locations were inspected this October by the New York City Department of Health.

Five, including Lipton Dining Hall, Marketplace at Kimmel, Jasper Kane Café, Starbucks, and Argo Tea, received “A” ratings.  The sixth, Upstein dining facility, lost a total of 40 points in seven violation code categories due to supply storage issues. None of the points deducted concerned food handling or food safety.  We are currently working to make the adjustments the Health Department wants, at off hours and with minimal disruption to service.  The “not yet graded” status allows us a chance to correct the issues before the re-inspection, which will happen relatively soon and will determine the grade we receive.  Accordingly, we will take steps to add additional millwork and fixtures at Upstein.

NYC DoH inspections are performed at NYU Eats locations randomly and on an ongoing basis. NYU Eats will keep the NYU community regularly informed about the results of inspections at NYU dining locations on the NYU Dining website. Inspection results and additional details are also publicly available on the Department of Health website.

NYU Eats has a dedicated, onsite Quality Assurance Director, a former sanitarian with the New York City Department of Health, who works directly with NYU Eats Campus Executive Chef and Operations Directors.  Hygiene efforts include daily hands-on training with NYU Eats staff, conducting internal audits, undergoing third-party inspections, and ongoing education of team members on proper food safety protocols.

As part of our effort to familiarize members of the NYU community with our food preparation procedures and standards and to offer a chance to meet the men and women who feed NYU, NYU Eats will start holding Kitchen Tours. The first Kitchen Tour will be held on October 31st at 5pm. Interested participants should contact Carolyn Milea at cl480@nyu.edu.

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