Military veterans and active-duty service members and their families are an essential part of our university community, with ample representation among students and undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. And while we're grateful for their service year round, Veterans Day—the federal holiday designated to honor all who have served throughout our nation’s history—offers a special opportunity to hear their stories and express our sincere appreciation.

plaque in Schwartz plaza dedicated to those in the NYU community who have served in the military

A plaque honoring all those in the NYU community who have served in the military since our founding in 1831 was dedicated and installed on Schwartz Plaza in 2016.

This year, the NYU News team chose to highlight one group that boasts an especially high concentration of vets: NYU's Department of Public Safety. Below are portraits of five veterans currently working to keep our community safe—including Jack Briggs, who had a 31-year career in the US Air Force (retiring at the rank of major general in 2017) before assuming his new role as Associate Vice President for Public Safety Operations. They're just a few of the many, many veterans working in NYUDPS in all different capacities, both as uniformed public safety officers and as administrators. If you see them, thank them!

Jack Briggs, Associate Vice President, Public Safety Operations

US Air Force, 1986-2017

Service means it’s not about you. You have to put others first. In the military, we train our service members to put others first to the point of sacrificing yourself.”

Juan Rosario, Public Safety Officer

E4 Corporal, US Marine Corps: 
1988-1992 active; 1992-1996 inactive reserve

Juan Rosario

Veterans Day to me means an opportunity to honor our veterans and a reminder to continue to do them proud in whatever I do.”
Juan Rosario

Fountain Walker, Associate Vice President, Public Safety

Corporal, US Marine Corps: 

Fountain Walker

It is with great pride that we serve our country, each of us from different places, some from different countries. Together we believe in our United States, a place where we can be an individual or a part of a larger community.”
Fountain Walker

Leslie Fluger, Open Source Analyst

E6 Staff Sergeant, US Army: 

Leslie Fluger

Reflecting on Veterans Day makes me happy to have been part of a special community such as the military. It's so important to have a community like that when you're deployed. The people made the worst places not so bad.”
Leslie Fluger

William Karnadi, Manager, Emergency Management

Specialist, US Army: 

William Karnadi

Veterans Day means being a part of something bigger than one's self and continuing service to others.”
William Karnadi

NYU has become a destination for more and more students who are returning from serivce, and provides veterans with a variety of tools and resources. Our contributions to the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides veterans with funds toward tuition and fees, are matched by the Department of Veterans Affairs. And school-based scholarships across NYU, such as Silver’s Schultz Fellowship, GSAS’s Advanced Civil School Award, and Wagner’s Military Service Scholarship, among others, provide additional access to degrees. Through other VA benefits, NYU events, and leadership opportunities—including a Military Alliance Community Center within the NYU Center for Student Life, and the NYU Veterans and Military Resource Center in the School of Professional Studies.