We know that finals week can be challenging, so we asked the staff at MindfulNYU for some simple strategies to help students feel calm and confident during the end-of semester crunch.

1. Take a social media break.

illustration of a person taking a selfie under the Washington Square Park arch

Illustration by Morgan Loor (Steinhardt '20)

Allowing yourself a break from tech can be liberating! Try not to sleep with your phone in bed, and take social breaks throughout the day—particularly first thing in the morning and when you're winding down at night. Start and end your day with a deep breath rather than with your Insta! 

NYU Research has shown how social media contributes to anxiety.

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2. Get creative.

coloring book page of Broadway/NYU street scene

Illustration by Grace Noh

Rather than using your study breaks to worry about your next exam, switch things up to allow your mind to rest. Paint. Draw. Dance. Write poetry. Do something different! 

We have NYU-themed coloring pages!

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3. Say hello to your senses.

magnolias in bloom

Set a timer for three minutes. Start with two deep breaths, and begin to notice what you sense. What do you hear? Smell? Taste? See? Feel? Bringing your awareness to your senses supports focus and clarity in the present moment.

Here's a bonus!

Taking three deep breaths at any moment is a rock steady tool to calm your nervous system. Breathe in through your nose for four and back out for six!

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