Institutional Statement

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“We are deeply committed to our vibrant program in Tel Aviv, and believe that we, as a community, strongly benefit from engaging across borders, including, of course, the free exchange of people and ideas.  Over many decades, NYU's global network has embraced the notion that this type of engagement is a crucial component of a modern educational experience.

"We deplore this uncollegial and pointless effort to stigmatize the Tel Aviv program, as well as the students and faculty who study there. The University's position on the issue of academic boycotts of Israel is clear: as we have noted on many occasions, they are at odds with the tenets of academic freedom and exchange, as the AAUP also notes. With respect to this departmental action: Our Tel Aviv campus does not draw on faculty from the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis for its academic program, so there does not seem to be a practical effect to the vote. Furthermore, NYU has not had a student denied entry to Israel to study at our Tel Aviv campus."

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John Beckman
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