NYU reaffirms that our community is bound together

Washington Square Arch

In the face of the threat of nationwide raids by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this weekend, NYU wants to reaffirm that our community is bound together, with each member valued, each member belonging here, each member deserving of the support that NYU can give. Documented or undocumented, these are our peers, colleagues, and friends. We believe that it is vital that those pursuing higher learning should be able to move across borders in peaceful pursuit of their scholarship.  

Furthermore, NYU does not — and will not — voluntarily provide information to governmental agencies that would enable them to target undocumented members of our community, nor does the University voluntarily allow representatives of any federal agency to enter NYU buildings without permission or legal process. Such permission is not given for targeting undocumented members of our community or for gathering information on them. 

We also want to share information from New York City on what to do if you are approached by federal immigration enforcement agents.

In addition, the NYU Immigrant Defense Initiative, a project of NYU School of Law's Immigrant Rights Clinic, stands prepared to support members of the NYU community and their immediate family members.

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