NYU's statement on university student groups and NYU Tel Aviv

"NYU disagrees with the declaration by student groups about NYU Tel Aviv.  The University has a clear, long-standing policy opposing an academic boycott of Israel (please also see its 2013 statement and 2016 statement). Contrary to the students' belief, it is an academic boycott that violates the tenets of academic freedom, as the national AAUP itself has declared.  Moreover, NYU brings together students with different backgrounds and different points of view precisely so that they can interact, debate, gain understanding, and learn from one another; as such, their declaration is at odds with this principal aim of our scholarly community.

"While we disagree with Israel's policy about BDS supporters for precisely the same reasons of academic freedom and scholarly mobility that cause us to oppose academic boycotts, it is worth noting that no NYU student has been prevented from going to Israel, and a case involving a student from a different school was reversed in court.  Lastly, the events at the University of Michigan have nothing to do with NYU, and even a former head of AAUP has publicly expressed opposition to the withholding of promised recommendations by faculty for precisely the reason the students endorse."

--NYU Spokesman John Beckman

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