Overdose rescue kit.

Opioid users often rely on public bathrooms, making store and restaurant staff members among the first to encounter those who have overdosed. In a new study, NYU researchers trained service-industry workers on how to identify and treat overdoses, including administering naloxone.

New research shows that switching between different languages is easier than previously thought. The findings pinpoint what neural activity is associated with "turning off" one language and "turning on" another. "In all, these results suggest that the burden of language-switching lies in disengagement from the previous language as opposed to engaging a new language," explains Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, an NYU doctoral candidate and the lead author of the study.

NYU scientists suggest that using verbs to encourage children is more effective than using nouns. When faced with tasks that included setbacks, children who were asked "to help" instead of "be helpers" were more persistent in completing the assigned task.

Marijuana use among baby boomers is becoming more prevalent, according to a study at the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Nine percent of adults aged 50-64 reported using marijuana in the past year—a figure that has doubled since 2006.

A new study challenges the notion that the United States has greater social mobility than other Western industrialized countries. The research found that the occupational status of an American worker is more reflective of their parents than previously believed.

Researchers have found that sun-like stars rotate up to 2.5 times faster at the equator than at higher latitudes. "This is very unexpected, and challenges current numerical simulations, which suggest that stars like these should not be able to sustain differential rotation of this magnitude," says Othman Benomar, research associate at the NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Space Science and lead author of the study.

NYU researchers studied how hearing loss affects the likelihood of hospital readmission. Among patients aged 65 and older, those who experienced difficulty communicating with medical personnel had a 32 percent increase in the likelihood of being readmitted within 30 days.