NYU – home to some of the most respected programs in the cinematic and performing arts, emerging media, technology, and business entertainment, and widely known for its extensive global presence – will be launching a new program in Los Angeles.

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La Brea Area Facility to Be Home to Students and NYU’s Many Alums in LA

NYU – home to some of the most respected programs in the cinematic and performing arts, emerging media, technology, and business entertainment, and widely known for its extensive global presence – today announced that it will be launching a new program in Los Angeles.  The program will emphasize students’ pursuit of professional opportunities with the West Coast entertainment industry while continuing their studies.  The LA program will welcome its first cohort of students in Fall 2019.

NYU is renting space for both an academic center and nearby student housing in the La Brea area of Los Angeles.  The main facility, in addition to being the location for classes, will serve as a center for student programming and a hub for NYU alumni/ae in the Southern California region.

More students come to NYU from California than from any state other than New York.  It is also the second most popular destination for jobs after graduation. NYU has over 14,000 alumni in the Los Angeles area alone.

Linda Mills, Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice Provost for Global Programs and University Life, said, “Given NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ existing experience in Los Angeles and the degree of interest in LA among faculty in Tisch and other NYU schools, it became obvious that this is a natural location for NYU to establish a larger presence.  Among major research universities, we’re recognized for our strength in the cinematic, performing, and creative arts – all of them fields that mesh closely with LA’s cultural economy.  NYU alumni/ae have been very successful in LA and form a strong presence there.  This new program will further help connect NYU students to the LA network and will provide a center of gravity for our alumni.  Everyone – from faculty to students to alumni – is very excited about this new program.”

Joe Pichirallo, Arts Professor in Film and Television at NYU’s Tisch School, said, “Over the past four years, Tisch has had a successful pilot internship program in LA, helping our students gain invaluable experiences that further prepare them for careers in the entertainment and media industries.  With a new physical presence and unique academic offerings, we are excited about the opportunities this expanded LA program will offer NYU students.”

Kristin Horton, Associate Professor of Practice at NYU's Gallatin and Chair of Gallatin's Interdisciplinary Arts Program, said, "This is a dynamic cross-school collaboration that builds on shared knowledges and resources that will be of great benefit to both students and faculty. A significant number of our students incorporate film, television, music, and the arts into their plans of study. Given the unique nature of the Gallatin program, our students will bring a range of interdisciplinary perspectives into the mix while they also gain substantive practical experiences in the field."

Larry Miller, Clinical Music Associate Professor and Director of the Music Business Program at NYU’s Steinhardt School, said, “Our students are prepared to work across the music ecosystem as music creators and executives in recorded music and publishing, film, television, digital services, live entertainment, and advanced technology.  NYU’s presence in LA will provide our students with a rich learning experience and an opportunity to connect more broadly with alumni and industry leaders.”

Paul Hardart, Clinical Professor of Marketing and Director of the Entertainment, Media, and Technology (EMT) Program at NYU’s Stern School of Business, said, “From the EMT program’s perspective, this is an exciting development.  It expands the program’s reach into Los Angeles, giving students a broad educational experience while building critical connections to a wide range of industry professionals.”

NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts already had a modest programmatic presence in Los Angeles, with spring semester seniors able to pursue internships while finishing their degrees, and other students coming for the summer.  The new program – crafted by Tisch School faculty alongside Steinhardt, Gallatin, Stern, and NYU Abu Dhabi faculty – will build on that.  The new program will offer highly focused academic coursework in the fall and spring semesters to help prepare students for careers in entertainment, music, and media, complementing Tisch’s ongoing summer offering.

The NYU minor known as BEMT – the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology – is one of the most popular across NYU’s undergraduate schools.  

In addition to its historic campus in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, NYU also has degree-granting campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.  NYU also has Study Away sites in Accra, Ghana; Berlin; Buenos Aires; Florence; London; Madrid; Paris; Prague; Sydney; Tel Aviv; and Washington, DC.

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