Kristina Rudolfo

Kristina Rodulfo (GAL ’14)
Associate editor,

Landing the job:
I actually started out as an intern when I was at NYU, from the winter of 2012 to the winter of 2013, and then worked for two other places after graduation before landing back at Elle. It was my dream publication—I’ve been a subscribed to the magazine since I was 17, so I jumped on the opportunity and made it happen.

What I miss most about NYU:
Everyone is already on the way to becoming something when they’re a freshman. I was in awe of my classmates—some of the most talented, driven, creative people I’ve ever met—and inspired by their hustle, their support, and their friendly competition. Now I look to hire people from NYU for internships because I know the quality of students that come out of there.

Favorite part of what I do: 
My editors are the kind of people who really encourage me to go after the stories that I want, whether that’s fashion trends, beauty, celebrity interviews, entertainment news, politics…anything you can think of. One of my favorites was about a self-defense class by Rana Abdelhamid, a Harvard Kennedy School student who started an organization (called WISE) to empower young Muslim women.

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