Featured Guest Choreographers Include Madboots, Paul Taylor, Ronald K. Brown, and Sonya Tayeh

"Where Does It All Go When It Goes?", choreography Sonya Tayeh
"Where Does It All Go When It Goes?", choreography by Sonya Tayeh; Photo Credit: Ella Bromblin

Second Avenue Dance Company (SADC)/2018 and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts will present its annual spring concert series this year for five performances beginning March 28 and running through April 1. The spring series will feature new works by Madboots and Sonya Tayeh as well as two reconstructions by Paul Taylor and Ronald K. Brown. The concert series also will highlight selected works choreographed by SADC members in the Department of Dance at NYU Tisch.

Presented each night will be the four guest works including:

  • HELPLESSPEOPLE, a new work by Madboots, is an abstraction of humanity in an extreme landscape of tragedy and beauty, highlighting the voicelessness and defeat that many people feel in our current political climate;
  • Ronald K. Brown’s Grace weaves the story of a Goddess’ journey to Earth to spread grace among humans, ultimately welcoming them to heaven;
  • Promethean Fire (one of Paul Taylor’s top ten lists of Taylor works) is about order, destruction, and renewal with a mythic undertone. In the purest of modern dance traditions, the spectacle, visual dynamics, and heart of Promethean Fire is performed by the dancers in a minimalistic, monochromatic visual design;
  • “Where Does It All Go When It Goes?”, by Sonya Tayeh questions what will stay and what will vanish. Can the sphere of all one has done sink into someone else? Can we seep into each other, and thus remain?

The SADC choreographers, whose diverse works will rotate in repertory, are Isadora Elmira, Polly Jacobs, Meghann Padgett, and Jordan Ryder.

Our opening night, renamed Legacy Performance, is open to the public but specifically dedicated to SADC alumni. All graduates are invited to attend the performance together with members of their class and mingle with current students in an informal reception after the performance.

The SADC/2018 Major Dance opens Wednesday, March 28 and runs for five performances through Sunday, April 1, 2018. Curtain is 7:30 p.m. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $20 to benefit the Tisch Dance Scholarship Fund (any size donation is accepted). Performances will take place in the Jack Crystal Theater, 111 Second Avenue, 5th floor, New York City. For reservations and information, call 212.998.1982 (Mon.-Fri. between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. only).

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