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Latest Stories in January

Gallatin professor Hannah Gurman's research explores the history of U.S. immigration enforcement and its intersection in recent decades with criminal prosecution—a trend she and other scholars call “crimmigration.”
Deutsches Haus at NYU will host an evening of talks to accompany the ongoing exhibition of visual artist Regina Baumhauer (Feb. 2); an exhibition opening and artist talk with photographer Stefan Falke on ‘MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad’, a photo essay about a stilt-walking school in Cocorite, Trinidad (Feb. 12); a screening of ‘Phoenix’ as part of the CALA Spring 2018 Film Series (Feb. 23); and more in February.
The Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, has received a $75,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) that will bolster the Center's mission to provide premier graduate-level training and education for future conservators.
A new Wagner School study suggests that nursing homes ignore residents’ hearing loss.
Our trust in strangers is dependent on their resemblance to others we’ve previously known, finds a new study by a team of psychology researchers.
The Google grant will fund a new research initiative at ITP, led by Professor Shiffman, who serves as the area head for computational media at ITP and as a director of The Processing Foundation, which maintains beginner-friendly creative coding platform that serves as the basis for ITP's computational curriculum.
Tisch professor Jim Anderson won his second Grammy for Best Surround Sound Album. Anderson, who is an internationally recognized recording engineer and producer for acoustic music in the recording, radio, television, and film industries, has 27 Grammy-nominated recordings in his portfolio, 11 of which have gone on to win the big prize.
NYU’s Glucksman Ireland House will host Ireland’s Ambassador to the US, Daniel Mulhall, on Feb. 8 for a lecture exploring the ideas of Douglas Hyde and how they contributed to the broader cultural and political revival that helped transform Ireland a century ago.
An 80WSE exhibition by master's students in costume studies explores a century of cosmetics history.
Rachel Morrison (’00) Is the First Woman to be Nominated for Best Cinematography, and Dee Rees (’07) Is the First African-American Woman to be Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.