New York University’s Safe NYU mobile campus safety app now offers assistance worldwide at the touch of an icon. Developed by the NYU Department of Public Safety’s Emergency Management Team to promote community safety and preparedness in Fall 2017, Safe NYU has been enhanced to provide service at all of NYU’s global locations, and anywhere in between.

Features optimized for NYU’s 14 global locations include:

  • 911-calling capability for life-threatening emergencies
  • Links to local transportation information, allowing for ease of navigation in new, or unfamiliar cities
  • Customized emergency procedures based on local hazards
Safe NYU

Safe NYU

Features available anywhere, including NYU’s 14 global locations:

  • A call box in the palm of your hand: simultaneously send your location to and call NYU Public Safety
  • Reporting of incidents or tips via in-app forms, real-time chats or voice calls
  • Links to support resources including victim’s assistance and the University’s Wellness Exchange and Bias Response Line

The functions above are available through any phone with a data or internet connection and require a user to login with their NYU Net ID and password.

Safe NYU also promotes emergency preparedness, offering information on how to be ready for severe weather and procedures to follow before, during and after emergency situations. This information is available offline, so internet connection or not, you have access to helpful tips.

“We’re excited to take the success of the Safe NYU app global,” said Jeff Stevens, Director of Emergency Management and Communications Center. “This app allows us to keep our community better informed and prepared, while increasing engagement with Public Safety. The added global component provides community members the ability to check in with us anytime during their trips or studies abroad.”

Users of Safe NYU have already had positive experiences when using the app during their travels abroad.

“SafeNYU is a great app! It came in very handy when my group traveled to Italy for capstone. I used it every day to check in with NYU Public Safety,” said Srishti, a student in NYU’s College of Global Public Health. “An agent was always available, and it was better than sending an email. Even though I’ve only used the app to check in, it has many more services to offer. It’s a very well-thought-out app! Kudos to the Public Safety Department.”

The app is available for both apple and android devices for free through their respective stores.