Statement from NYU spokesman John Beckman on the temporary closing of the Bronfman Center


"Late Tuesday night, the University became aware of some disturbing posts on social media.  There were no specifics in the social media posts, and we had no information about a particular threat against the Bronfman Center.  However, against the backdrop of the killing of Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh and the national increase in anti-Semitic incidents, and in an abundance of caution, the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student life was closed while the issue was investigated and safety issues were evaluated.

"Needless to say, we take these issues very seriously and act accordingly.  NYU condemns anti-Semitism and hate of all forms.  We have taken appropriate security precautions, and the Bronfman Center has re-opened.

"The University is actively reviewing the matter.  Although we cannot discuss specifics, the University will take appropriate steps in accord with our procedures with respect to those involved."



















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