New York University reaffirms its commitment to climate goals alongside world leaders from industry, government, and academia.

NYU Commits to Ambitious Climate Goals

President Andrew Hamilton joins mayors, governors and business leaders from the United States and around the globe to declare that NYU will continue its institutional efforts to meet the Paris Agreement.

The University has a history of dedication to sustainable measures. For instance, NYU was an original signee of the NYC Carbon Challenge in 2007 and in just five years, NYU cut emissions 30% from 2006 levels.

The University will continue those efforts through a variety of ongoing and new initiatives, including the hiring of a new assistant vice president of sustainability planning during the next academic year. Faculty, students, and staff can apply to receive green grants that provide funding to those who conceive ideas to increase conservation and improve sustainability initiatives for the University community and beyond. President Hamilton also pledged during his inauguration that NYU would continue to seek out new opportunities to improve its sustainability efforts and be among the greenest urban universities in the world.

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