The New York Times "Upshot" recently posted an extensive study on "how well or how poorly colleges have built an economically diverse student body."

NYU is proud to rank No. 4 among top colleges enrolling the highest percentage of low- and middle-income students. We also rank No. 8 on the economic mobility index, which measures access and outcomes for students, including the likelihood of moving up two or more income levels. On that same index, NYU ranks No. 1 among schools in the University Athletic Association.

In response to the study, David Stasavage, chair of NYU's Department of Politics, has published an analysis of the data and concluded that "compared to a number of peer institutions, NYU is doing relatively well in helping students from lower income backgrounds to earn higher incomes."  

Chart of elite colleges

Top 8

UAA list

See where NYU placed in other categories by using the Upshot's college tables.