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"A video filmed outside NYU's student center included footage of a woman who identifies herself as 'a professor' yelling at police.

"The woman does not identify herself as an NYU professor, and the University does not know her identity or whether she is even a member of the NYU community, which has thousands of faculty members.  No one has stepped forward with her identity.

"However, multiple names of NYU faculty have been floated on the internet -- including Hanks, Hicks, Howell, Montoya, Morton, Rice, and Roth.  The University has checked, and none of those faculty members are the woman in the video.  

"In spite of this, several of those women have received hateful, harassing emails because they have been misidentified as the person in the video.

"The University calls on all websites that have misidentified the woman in the video to correct the record, and for the harassment to stop.  The University is contacting law enforcement about this matter.  We ask for the harassment to end immediately --  these harassers are targeting innocent, misidentified people.  

"Lastly, NYU would note that in any case threats and harassment have no place in public discourse."


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John Beckman
John Beckman
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