SustainableITP—a committee of artists dedicated to addressing environmental issues at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)—has developed Climojis (climate change + emojis = climojis) to amplify conversations and inspire action on climate change.

Climoji image of a water bottle inside of a fish and a whale

Spearheaded by Marina Zurkow, who is an acclaimed media artist, a 2011 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow, and an ITP professor, and recent graduate Viniyata Pany, the Climoji project was established in an effort to create a visual representation of the realities of climate change as well as to facilitate a seamless way for climate change-related ideas to penetrate daily dialogue. After receiving a Green Grant through the NYU Office of Sustainability, a “Climoji-thon” took place, where SustainableITP facilitated image-generating brainstorming sessions with faculty members and students in environmental studies and ITP. The group created a collection of visual icons, which range from images of floods and tornados to a cow emitting methane gas or a whale ingesting a plastic bottle, among others.

“Artistic expression and the construction of non-scientific visual or verbal language are more than illustrations; when successfully rendered, they resonate and become a lens for seeing the world in new ways,” explains Zurkow. “Climate change is not exactly the kind of subject matter most people are addressing in their intimate SMS conversations. But if a starving polar bear becomes a metaphor for personal despair, then the language of climate change might actually be entering into the common discourse.”

Climojis are now available to download as a sticker pack on iPhones and Android devices. You can also access the Climoji PNG set and learn more about the project at

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