"NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine has shared with the University some threatening and vile messages they received earlier this week. These messages were filled with bigotry of many kinds, and gruesome threats of violence.

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“The University condemns the email in the strongest terms. On our campus – as in our society – people should be able to express their political views without fear of intimidation or harm.  There is no place in civil dialogue for menacing or directing hate at others regardless of how strong any disagreement may be.  

"We view the safety and well-being of our students with the utmost seriousness, and are acting accordingly. Our Public Safety Department has met with SJP representatives, and notified law enforcement of the threats.  Our Student Affairs Division is offering ongoing support to the students.  We have urged SJP to turn over all relevant information to the police, and we urge anyone with any knowledge whatsoever about these threats to come forward and assist in the investigation.”

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John Beckman
John Beckman
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