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“Women’s Suffrage and the Media” Research Database Chronicles Right-to-Vote Movement
“Women’s Suffrage and the Media" includes primary and secondary sources that chronicle and examine the suffrage movement as portrayed in news, propaganda, advertising, entertainment, and other aspects of public life.
Students in classroom
Disadvantaged youth who believe that the American social system is fair develop lower self-esteem, engage in risky behaviors, and are less attentive in the classroom over the course of middle school, finds a study led by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
"Troublemakers," a 1966 documentary by Norman Fruchter and Robert Machover about community organizing in Newark, New Jersey, will be restored by NYU MIAP students as part of the NFPF grant.
Students from the Tisch Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program will restore Ivan Dryer’s "Laserimage" (1972) and Fruchter and Machover's documentary "Troublemakers" (1966), thanks to a recent grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.
photo: at left, Nixon in crowd with victory pose
Studying dark presidential episodes from the past can help us remain vigilant against abuses of power in our own time, argues historian Timothy Naftali. But we shouldn't be so quick to equate Trump with Nixon.
Researchers Send DNA on Sequential, and Consequential, Building Mission
A team of scientists has developed a method to create structures whose building blocks are a millionth of a meter in size by encoding DNA with assembly instructions.
Gene Andrew Jarrett
President Andrew Hamilton and Provost Katherine Fleming today announced the appointment of Gene Andrew Jarrett as the Seryl Kushner Dean of NYU’s College of Arts and Science.
NYU Faculty Housing Community Events participates this year in Make Music New York, a free, citywide musical celebration on the first day of summer.
Researchers Pinpoint How Detecting Social Signals May Have Affected How We See Colors
The arrangement of the photoreceptors in our eyes allows us to detect socially significant color variation better than other types of color vision, a team of researchers has found.
Scientists Discover More Effective, and Potentially Safer, Crystalized Form of DDT
A team of scientists has discovered a new crystal form of DDT that is more effective against insects than the existing one.
young girl talking on phone
Bilingual children are better than their monolingual peers at perceiving information about who is talking, including recognizing voices, according to a study by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
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