It's official! NYU is on Snapchat.

Add us for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at campus life, featuring student takeovers, dispatches from major University events, and glimpses of some of the odd and wonderful moments that make us New Yorkers.

Plus, you can send us your snaps for a chance to be featured across NYU's social media platforms!


Graphic: bespectacled Snapchat ghost wearing NYU shirt; NYU snapchat code

Some Friendly Reminders: If you add NYU on Snapchat...


You may receive messages from NYU on Snapchat.

The snaps you send to the University's account may be read by an NYU staff member of any gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race, or religion.

We follow back anyone who follows us, and we automatically screenshot all snaps we receive.

NYU's Snapchat is not monitored 24/7 and is not a communications channel for conducting official University business. If you have questions for Admissions, the Office of the Bursar, the Registrar, Residential Life & Housing Services, the Student Health Center, or any other department, please find the appropriate contact through NYU's website.


Would you like to take over our account for a day?

right side: selfie of a male student in knit hat and backpack with text superimposed (text reads: "takeover ready?"). Left side: NYU snapchat ghost, photo of student inside a circle, text reads: "student takeover, Zachary Kessel, School: Gallatin, Hometown: West Orange, NJ, Superpower: Sharing Meal Swipes

Interested students should send an email with subject line "Snapchat Takeover" to with the following info:
• name
• Snapchat username
• net ID
• year
• school
• major
• any clubs, organizations, internships you’re involved in
• and attach a snap that answers the question: what’s your superpower*?

*real or imagined