New York University’s Kimmel Galleries is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition, ‘ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL,’ in partnership with 3rd Culture Creative. Opening Friday, June 10, the work will remain on display through August 31, 2016. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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New York University’s Kimmel Galleries is pleased to present ‘ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL,’ in partnership with 3rd Culture Creative. Opening Friday, June 10, the work will remain on display through August 31, 2016. [Subways A,C,E,B,D,M to West 4th Street; 6 to Astor Place; R to 8th Street]. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL stages a visual conversation by creating a dialogue between a selection of world-renowned artists recognized as major influencers of the street art movement. Curators Pamela Jean Tinnen, Izzy Church, and Mar Kayle challenged the artists to create new work for the exhibition at the Kimmel Vitrines, located along Laguardia and West 3rd Street.

“We chose to present these selections as one wall,” said curator Pamela Jean Tinnen. “Throughout the summer the curators will rotate artworks in and out of the Windows, often without announcement. In doing so, ART STREET hints at the surprise, excitement, and anticipation characteristic to the temporality and spontaneity of street art.”

On June 10, 2016, the exhibition commences with a special one-night event from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in room 914 of the Kimmel Center, featuring works by:

ASVP, Aaron Goodstone a.k.a Sharp, Meres, Phetus, Reme821, Such, NET, Cosbe, Harif Guzman a.k.a Haculla, ELLE, Iconic, DTR, Jenna Morello, Cope2, Gazoo, Rob Plater, Martian Code, Balu, Selector Marx, Skewville, FKDL, and Rich Simmons

Throughout the summer the Kimmel Windows will feature works by:

Richard Hambleton, John Fekner, Ron English, ASVP, Lady Pink, Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, Fumero, Raquel Echanique, Cost, ENX, Art is Tra$h, Cope2, Indie 184, Federico Massa a.k.a. Iena Cruz, Gilf, B.D. White, Joe Iurato, Martian Code and Skewville.

“Honoring the tradition of public art while placing the work behind a glass wall incites a subtle commentary on the monetary value of artworks as we think about street artists who have achieved massive amounts of attention and mainstream success,” says Tinnen.

Employing the various means of artistic production characteristic of the street art movement, ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL chronicles the nuances and complexities of the street art movement. Included are works on paper, wheatpaste, stencil art, oil, acrylic on canvas, spray paint, woodcut, mixed-media sculpture, and site-specific installations. Artists apply both innovative and traditional techniques, while motifs vary from the playful to the political in cultivating the anti-establishment air commonly seen in street art.

“Operating outside of the mainstream art world, whether due to rejection or lack of artistic exposure, provides a certain freedom for creative expression,” says Tinnen. “Arguably, perhaps even undeniably, these conditions are fundamental to the integrity of artworks engaged in certain political messages.”

ART STREET 13 WINDOWS 1 WALL engenders conversations that extend beyond the work itself, questions about the commodification of anti-establishment art, gentrification and cultural displacement, access and ownership, definitions of “high” and “low” culture, and the right to artistic expression.

The Windows at Kimmel, along with 3rd Culture Creative, invite you to experience this very special exhibit and join in the conversation surrounding the art.

Special Thanks to Woodward Gallery, Soho Contemporary and StreetSquares for providing artists and art works.

About 3rd Culture Creative: 3rd Culture Creative is a boutique media development company specializing in film, television, web series, animation and music. Its Primary focus is to develop great stories by selecting, nurturing and growing creative content. The principals of 3rd Culture are passionate about art in all forms and its aim is to push creative boundaries by working with a diverse group of artists who ingeniously collaborate to create leading edge projects. Visit

StreetSquares: StreetSquares is a boutique Art and Digital Media Agency working with Artists and Talents, who see themselves as agents of change, to create unique Projects that synergize visual & performing arts, digital design, music.

Sticker Social Club: Sticker Social Club hosts art events and drawing meet-ups as a means for young, upcoming artists to gain exposure as well as meet and learn from other like minded artists. The club regularly hosts events including drink and draws featuring artwork and music from live bands and DJs. Artists include: Cosbe, Abe Lincoln Jr., Fling, OneTooth, Alone, Royce Bannon, Baser, Buttsup, Chris RWK (Robots Will Kill), Crasty, Dano, Tony DePew, Doper Jones, Jos-L, Froot, Herm, Imamaker, Adam Lawrence, Mister Guh, Sameshit, Tako Venus, Tone Tank, Wish 194 and many more.

About the Kimmel Galleries: Established in 2003, Kimmel Galleries are dedicated to providing visually dynamic and thought provoking exhibitions. They are free and open to the public. For more information on tours, the artists or price inquiries, please contact the Curator, Pamela Jean Tinnen, at 212 298 4950, or

Past exhibitions include: Patterns of Interest: photography by Stephen Mallon; HOUSE: HOME; Field Season: records, wandering perspectives, side notes, a selection of photographs from Abydos, by Greg Maka, Amanda Kirkpatrick and Gus Gusciora; Preconceived Notions; and Perspectives: A photography exhibit about traveling and living in our world; DITTO: WORKS IN BLUE, Shira Toren, among others.

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