Romer is currently a University Professor, Director of NYU’s Marron Institute, and a professor of economics in NYU's Stern School of Business. Early in his career, his research brought the economics of ideas into the analysis of economic growth.

Photo: Paul Romer
Paul Romer, Stern Professor of Economics; Director, The Urbanization Project; Director, Marron Institute; University Professor

"We are very proud that our colleague Paul Romer-- a ground-breaking scholar of economics and urban growth, the head of NYU's Marron Institute, a University Professor, and the founder of the Stern School's Urbanization Project-- has been named chief economist of the World Bank, one of the most prominent and influential posts in the field of economics.  NYU believes in the importance of its scholars' work having a real world impact, and readily granted Paul leave to take on this important assignment.

"We congratulate Paul, wish him well, and look forward to his return, when he can share with students and faculty colleagues the new knowledge he's gained from his time at the World Bank.

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