When we polled #NYU2020 about what they wanted to know about NYU campus life, by far the most-asked question was: Where do students like to hang out? We let the experts—current undergrads—field that one, and they came up with on- and off-campus recommendations to suit every mood.

Christopher St. Pier

Photo of David Kim. Text: David Kim, Stern '17

"I'm drawn to that pier because it's close to campus, but also reminds me of why I worked so hard to come to NYC. The FiDi skyline has that effect on me."

Kimmel Center, 9th floor

Photo of Ashley Chaey, Text: Ashley Chaey, Steinhardt '17

"My favorite on-campus hangout is the north-facing student lounge on the 9th floor of Kimmel. I love spending time in this lounge between classes or when I have down time on campus. It's a great indoor spot to read, do school work, hang out with friends, or enjoy some time to yourself. The lounge has an unbeatable view of Washington Square Park, Fifth Avenue, and The Empire State Building. Rain or shine, the view never ceases to amaze me. It always reminds me of just how lucky I am to be a student at NYU!"

Think Coffee

Photo of Devon Mcleod. Text: Devon McLeod, Stern '17

"My favorite place to hang out near campus is the Think Coffee on 4th Ave by Union Square. I go to this Think Coffee because there is more space than the location right on campus, I love their coffee and I enjoy the short walk from Washington Square to clear my mind during a busy day."

La Colombe

Photo of Celina Zagami. Text: Celina Zagami, Steinhardt '18

"La Colombe is a favorite of mine for a coffee to go before class, or a latte to stay and study. The cafe is airy and only steps from campus, so it's the perfect place to catch up with friends or work on a paper."

Madman Espresso

Portrait of Amber B. Text: Amber B. , Steinhardt '17

"Madman Espresso (the 14th street one, but the one at University Place is nice):
it has wifi, great decor, some of the best coffee in Manhattan, and a friendly staff. I get so much work done there and can get a cute Instagram picture out of it."

Washington Square Park

Photo of Tina Paglioli. Text: Steinhardt '17

"The park is wonderful, full of people, music, and life. Also I love Garibaldi, so being near his statue makes me happy."

La Maison du Croque Monsieur

Photo of Kai Chuan. Text: Kai Chuan. Tisch '18

"I like spending time at La Maison du Croque Monsieur because it's the perfect space for chatting with friends, studying and working (they have wifi), and enjoying good food."

Bobst Library

Photo of Anna Siftar. Text: Anna Siftar, Tisch '17

My go-to place on campus is the library. From the rare materials in the Fales archives to the extensive DVD section of the Avery Fisher Center, as well as--of course--the vast collection of books and other publications, the potential intrigues of the library are inexhaustible. I especially recommend the Tracey-Barry Gallery, which is tucked down a hallway on the 3rd floor--I don't think enough people know about it, and the exhibits there are always fascinating.