Coloring books for adults: They're everywhere—topping coffee tables and bestseller lists and confirming that making art is, well, good for you. In fact, Marygrace Berberian, clinical assistant professor in Steinhardt's Art and Art Professions and director of NYU's Art Therapy in the Schools program, explains that research has highlighted the power of craft in reducing blood pressure and heart rate, diminishing psychological feelings of stress and anxiety, and improving overall behavior through increased problem solving skills—even after a brief period of time.

"The act of coloring within a structured form offers some artists a sense of containment and mastery amidst feelings of distress," Berberian says. "Most importantly, art making offers opportunities to create new adaptations for the world around you. As the artist, you choose the media, color, and design so each creation is a new beginning."

Plus, it's just plain fun. Here are four NYU-themed coloring pages designed by art therapy master's student Grace YoonJung Noh to soothe and amuse—and to inspire #VioletPride, of course. They're ready to download and print, so break out your colored pencils or crayons and click the links below!

coloring book page: street scene on Broadway with NYU flags

On Broadway
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coloring book page: Washington Square Park fountain with two women sitting on foreground

Washington Square Park
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Coloring book page: the NYU Bobcat

The NYU Bobcat
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coloring book page: NYU's global network, with different personified buildings from New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai holding hands

NYU: In and of the city; in and of the world
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