Hosted in Kimmel Windows, Alexander’s never before seen series features the portraits of 11 individuals who have dedicated themselves to distinctive causes.

Detail Mathew at Liam's Bushwick Studio
Detail Mathew at Liam's Bushwick Studio

I/THOU: a thought provoking exhibition portrait series and group exhibition hosted by Kimmel Windows and the Stovall Family Galleries, 8th floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life

The Kimmel Galleries of New York University are pleased to present I-Thou: a portrait series by Liam Alexander, in Kimmel Windows and I-Thou: works in dialogue, a group exhibition curated by Pamela Jean Tinnen is on view through October 16, 2015, with the opening reception on September 9, 2015 from 6-8pm, hosted at Kopi Kopi: 68 west 3rd Street, adjacent to the Kimmel windows. The reception and exhibition are free and open to the public. For more info, please see the Facebook page.

Kimmel Windows (Street Level) and Kimmel Galleries (8th Floor) are located at the Kimmel Center for University Life, 60 Washington Square South. [Subways A,C,E, B,D,M to West 4th Street; 6 line to Astor Place; R train to 8th Street.]. For all press and sales inquiries, please contact Ms. Pamela Jean Tinnen, curator for the Kimmel Galleries: or 212.998.4950,

I/THOU is a two part exhibition premiering a new body of work by artist Liam Alexander, in addition to a companion group show taking place simultaneously in the Stovall Family Gallery, located on the 8th floor of Kimmel,” said Tinnen. “These two exhibitions reflect on the individual’s role in social activism while exploring the concurrent themes involved across movements.”

Hosted in Kimmel Windows, Alexander’s never before seen series features the portraits of 11 individuals who have dedicated themselves to distinctive causes, which may at first appear both related, and unrelated to one another: prison reform, the environment, black lives matter, human rights, gender, feminism, LGBTQ rights, migrant/immigration issues and labor reform.

The accompanying exhibition on the 8th floor, further explores themes and narratives of social activism and justice through the visual lens of both the current and the historic; across the medium of photography, sculpture, installation, video, painting and mixed media.

I-THOU, is named so for Martin Buber’s book Ich und Du. Like Buber, this exhibition explores humanity’s relationships to one another on both an individual, and societal level,” said Tinnen.  “We seek to visually explore these concepts on what it means to other.”

Othering, as defined as: to view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself, is considered by Tinnen to be the root cause of the ways in which we allow, justify and facilitate systems of control.

“The act of othering, then, must and does create hierarchies throughout society, contributing to the subjugating of demographics through systemic powers and institutionalized behaviors,” continues Tinnen.  “Who, how, why and to what end these behaviors exist, speaks to how these belief systems have become intrinsic to certain systemic powers, at varying degrees and scope, relative to time and place.”

Both exhibitions address topics of social justice and movements of change.  Through portraiture and mixed media, artist Liam Alexander documents individuals entrenched in their activism; people who have dedicated their minds, bodies and time to affecting change in their varied disciplines.

“Curatorially then, we propose the overlapping and concurrent nature of these movements, as well as the cyclical relationship to cause and effect imperative to the problem,” said Tinnen. “Through I/THOU, we offer an in-depth understanding of where we are currently/locally, where we are positioned Globally, and through the lens of our own complicated, layered and sorted histories. In bringing together these discussions, we hope to begin steps towards progressive solutions.”  

I-Thou: a portrait series by Liam Alexander

I-Thou: works in dialogue, a group exhibition curated by Pamela Jean Tinnen and featuring the works of: Joan Lobis Brown, little ray, Andi Schreiber , Ben Altman , Michael Brown , Sheri Lynn Behr , Elena Dubas, Prisoner 2104004158, Serge Hamad, Kameelah Rasheed, Jaime Permuth, Paul Pearce, Gb Kim, Visitor 1014012658, Tina Tian Tang, Susan May Tell, Claire Lieberman, Matt Gunther, and Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal.

About the Kimmel Galleries: Established in 2003, Kimmel Galleries are dedicated to providing visually dynamic and thought provoking exhibitions. They are free and open to the public. For more information on tours, the artists or price inquiries, please contact the Curator, Pamela Jean Tinnen, at 212 298 4950, or

Past exhibitions include: Patterns of Interest: photography by Stephen Mallon; HOUSE: HOME; Field Season: records, wandering perspectives, side notes, a selection of photographs from Abydos, by Greg Maka, Amanda Kirkpatrick and Gus Gusciora; Preconceived Notions; and Perspectives: A photography exhibit about traveling and living in our world; DITTO: WORKS IN BLUE, Shira Toren, among others.

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Angela Photographic Based Collage, 2015

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