NYU anthropologists were part of the team that discovered homo naledi, a new species of human relative, in a cave in Johannesburg. College of Nursing researchers observed an upward trend in hepatitis C infection rates among HIV-positive men who have sex with men, and examined self-reported use of novel psychoactive drugs among teens and young adults. NYU physicists took x-ray pictures of a small magnetic wave, while biologists identified a “Zelda” protein that plays a vital role in fruit fly embryo development.

Fales Library wished a happy 150th birth day to Alice (of “Wonderland” fame). Chemical and biomolecular engineer Jin Kim Montclare received NSF funding to develop a protein-lipid system for delivering dual drug-and-gene cancer treatment. Sociologist Jennifer Jennings found that families with more financial resources were the most likely to transfer out of Chicago schools placed on probation due to sub-par test scores.

Langone medical researchers explored what makes MRSA so deadly, compared outcomes for black and white patients treated with high blood pressure drugs, and confirmed a link between air pollution and risk of death, especially death by cardiovascular disease. Rudin Center for Transportation scholars concluded that not even the pope can bring New York City bustle to a standstill.