NYU today announced that 60,322 men and women applied for freshman admission to the Class of 2019, marking the eighth year in a row of record applications. The 15% increase over last year is the largest increase in applications since 1999.

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Early Decision Applications Believed to Be Largest Pool in the US
Applications to NYU have more than doubled since 2002.

In addition, it is believed that for the first time, NYU's Early Decision applications have surpassed those of any other university in the U.S.: a record 7,749 students applied for Early Decision admission, an 11% increase over last year.

Interest in NYU's new campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai was especially significant, with a 26% rise in applicants to NYU Abu Dhabi and a 31% increase in applications to NYU Shanghai. The University's campus in New York experienced a 14% increase. More than 20 percent of applicants to NYU applied to more than one campus.

Citing increased interest in NYU's campuses overseas as evidence of a more globally-focused student body, NYU's Dean of Admissions Shawn Abbott reported that "more and more students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, are craving both a metropolitan and a cosmopolitan campus experience. Whether they are from Bed Stuy or Brazil, the students we want at NYU - and the students we are attracting more and more - are those who want an urban, global network of students, faculty, and alumni like the one we have created at NYU."

In addition to its degree-granting campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, NYU is one of the few universities that allows its students to study abroad freshman year. Roughly 250 freshmen will spend their freshman year at NYU's global sites in Florence, London, Paris, and Washington, DC. To help students in financial need, NYU recently created the Global Pathways Scholarship, which is aimed at increasing the number of American students who obtain a passport and graduate with an international experience.

In addition, NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering, located in downtown Brooklyn, experienced a 30% increase in student applications - another university record.

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