NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and NYC Life, the City of New York’s lifestyle channel, have teamed up to create “Inside Lens,” an eight-part series that will feature student documentary projects created over the past decade.

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“It is wonderful to have NYC Life embrace the work of our former students and give them a platform in the media capital of the world to share their powerful stories,” says Marcia Rock, who directs the Carter Journalism Institute’s News and Documentary program.

“Inside Lens” will feature eight documentaries that served as the students’ capstone projects. The series will include stories about “passive houses,” how parasites can be good for you, a soft-drink-inspired way to deliver medicine in Zambia, war’s impact on military dogs, and a view of D-Day from a filmmaker born in Normandy.

The series will air at 9:30 p.m. beginning March 3 and ending April 27 (see below for full calendar). NYC Life will also air encore presentations on Thursdays at 4:30 a.m., Fridays at 11:30 p.m., and Saturdays at 3:00 p.m.

NYC Life is available in the New York tri-state area over-the-air (Channel 25.1) and on Cablevision (Channel 22), Comcast (Channel 14), Direct TV (Channel 25), RCN (Channel 25), Time Warner (Channel 25), and Verizon FiOS (Channel 25). Visit nyc.gov/media for carrier information and schedules.

March 3
“Dogs of War: the Fight Back Home”
Kristin Kiraly
Boom! Blast! It’s what military dogs see every day, in & out of war. Now they too must struggle with the debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Treatment of these dogs is just beginning along with political efforts to reclassify them from “equipment” to K9 service members.

March 10
“Passive Passion”
Charles Hoxie
Twenty years ago European physicists developed design principles to reduce a dwelling’s cooling and heating costs. This movement, “the Passive House,” is starting to catch on in the U.S. and New York City. “Passive Passion” examines a supremely energy efficient style of building with serious implications for cooling a warming planet.

March 17
“Parasites: A Users Guide”
Sharon Shattuck
Parasites are feared, but they may do more good than harm. Despite many vile connotations, in nature, nothing is purely good or evil. “Parasites” explores the relationship of some intestinal parasites that can help people.

March 24th
“Part of Me Came Home”
Alexandra Nikolchev
The work offers an intimate look at the first year of a foster care program for war veterans. Terrie, a single mom and pioneer caregiver in a foster care program for disabled veterans, welcomes three veterans into her home and redefines the notion of family.

April 7
“Growing Concerns”
Crystal Fisher
With advances in modern medicine, parents face new dilemmas. Growth hormones are now offered as a possible solution to meeting society's harsh physical standards. But what should parents consider when they have the option to genetically alter their child's body and future? How far will we go for our children to fit in? "Growing Concerns" explores “heightism” and takes a look at children using human growth hormones to alter their height.

April 14
“Ladies of the Land”
Megan Thompson
As small family farms continue to disappear from the American landscape, a new group of farmers grows dramatically: women. The film follows new women farmers in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, exploring the ways in which they are challenging the traditional agricultural model, the difficulties they face, and the reasons why they love the land.

April 21
“The Cola Road”
Claire Ward
In developing countries, coke is everywhere, but basic medicines are not. Follow a creative non-profit trial that uses Coca-Cola’s supply route to deliver basic medicines in Zambia. Set in Zambia, “The Cola Road” follows the launch of first trial to use Coca-Cola’s supply chain to deliver life-saving anti-diarrhea kits to developing countries.

April 27
“Finding Fathers”
France Costrel
Three World War II orphans seek closure regarding their fathers’ deaths by visiting the Normandy cemetery and the local people who still remember the sacrifice of their fathers.  

Carter Journalism Institute, NYC Life Launch “Inside Lens”—A Series of Student Documentaries

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