NYU Langone Medical Center completed the most extensive face transplant ever, an effort that involved 100 physicians, nurses, and technical and support staff in a 26-hour surgery for Patrick Hardison, a volunteer firefighter who’d been injured during a rescue.

An NYU Tandon start-up won a $1 million grant to build beautiful solar panels—with the idea that more people would embrace renewable energy if it were more, well, stylish.

Medical and nursing researchers identified baby boomers as the largest age group being treated for opioid addiction, public Health’s Diana Silver noted that many NYC retailers quit checking ID when the legal age for buying cigarettes increased from 18 to 21, and Social Work’s Vincent Guillamo-Ramos found that teens who had parents checking up on them all the time were more likely to use condoms and delay having sex. NYU neuroscientists studied the processing of intricate images in the brain’s primary visual cortex, while Stern professor Foster Provost devised a “privacy-friendly” way to link mobile phone users by “geosimilarity”—shared geography and interests.

Steinhardt education researchers concluded that that closing failing NYC schools benefited the middle schoolers who would’ve attended them, that kindergarteners are more engaged when instructors tailor their teaching to individual personalities, and that high school students who are well off are more likely to bolster their college applications with AP courses and extracurriculars. Researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi mapped millennia of changes across the genome of the date palm, David Holland and colleagues contemplated previously overlooked ways to sow the melting of the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and a team led by the College of Dentistry’s Rodrigo Lacruz demonstrated the cellular mechanism for transporting calcium in the formation of tooth enamel.

NYU anthropologist James Higham and colleagues debunked a previous study suggesting that Dutch and Scottish chimpanzees had developed a common language with which to chat about apples.