It isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find in the great hall of the historic Duke House, the landmarked mansion and Upper East Side home to NYU’s Institute for Fine Arts, and yet somehow it just fits: A neat rectangular carpet of gold cellophane-wrapped candies beckons intrepid visitors to take and eat.

The installation is an iteration of the 1993 work “Untitled (Placebo-Landscape-for-Roni)” by conceptual artist Felix Gonzales-Torres (1957-1996) on view at the Duke House through May 8 as part of IFA’s Great Hall Exhibitions series, which presents two exhibitions per year showcasing prominent contemporary artists. In this video, co-curators Katharine J. Wright and Susanna V. Temkin, both PhD candidates at IFA, discuss the iconic work, which the artist intentionally left open-ended in meaning, though some have interpreted it through the context of the political and economic policies of the 1980s and the death toll of the AIDS crisis. In the IFA show it is paired with Felix Gonzalez’s photograph “Untitled (Natural History),” which depicts engravings of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial at the Museum of Natural History.

In the fall of 2014, also as part of the Great Hall Exhibitions series, Wright and Temkin organized an installation of manipulable acrylic sculptures by Marta Chilindron. View the digital exhibition catalogue, watch a preview trailer, and see an interview with the artist.