NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts today congratulated its alumni and faculty who worked on 20 films selected for competition and viewing at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The annual festival, held this year from April 17-28, was created to help filmmakers of every kind reach a broader audience, encourage the viewing of all types of films among the general public and international community, and promote New York City as a major film-making center.

Tisch Dominates at Tribeca

Alumni from Tisch’s Kanbar Institute of Film and Television (Kanbar F&TV) made a particularly strong showing among all feature films in competition, having directed or written six out of the 24 total films selected in the World Documentary and World Narrative categories. Tisch alumni also wrote or directed five selections in the Viewpoints category, which serves as a showcase for fresh, new voices in independent film. Five short films by Tisch alumni, including one from the TischAsia campus in Singapore, were also selected for competition in both the narrative and documentary categories.

“We take tremendous pride in the strong showing of our alumni at the Tribeca Film Festival, which – since being founded by an NYU alumna in 2002 – has become one of the most influential festivals in the world,” said Mary Schmidt Campbell, Dean, NYU Tisch School of the Arts. “It clearly bears testimony to the high caliber of artists that are trained at Tisch, as well as the vibrant community and network we’re forming to help our students when they leave Tisch and go out into the world of filmmaking.”

Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) is well known for being a diverse, international film festival that supports emerging and established directors. The festival has screened over 1,300 films from over 80 countries since its first festival in 2002. Below is a complete list of alumni and their films appearing at TFF:

Category: World Narrative Competition

Film: Bluebird
Lance Edmands ’05 (BFA,  director/writer/editor
Kyle Martin ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer
Alexander Schepsman ’08 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer

Christine Vachon (former faculty member), executive producer
Jody Lee Lipes ’04 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) cinematographer/2nd unit director
Inbal Weinberg ’03 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production design
Michaela McKee ’05 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production manager

Film: Hide Your Smiling Faces
Daniel Patrick Carbone ’08 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) director/writer/producer/editor
Matthew D. Petock ’08 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer
Zachary Shedd ’08 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer
Nick Bentgen ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) cinematographer
Charlotte Royer ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production design
Zachary Goldberg ’10 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production supervisor
Lisa Kjerulff ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production supervisor
Mengfan Wu ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) digital imaging technician

Film: Lily
Lindsay Burdge ’06 (BFA, Drama) cast/casting director

Film: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
Micah Bloomberg ’04 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) writer
Craig Shilowich ’06 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV), producer

Film: Sunlight Jr.
Laurie Collyer ’00 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) director/writer

Category: World Documentary Feature Competition

Film: Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution
Alex Meillier ’98 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV), director/writer/producer/editor/cinematographer)
Thomas G. Hoffman ’95 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV), associate producer

Film: Teenage
Matt Wolf ’05 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) director/writer
Philipp C. Engelhorn ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer
Kyle Martin ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) producer
Michael Raisler ’07 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) executive producer
Alden Ehrenreich ’12 (BFA, Drama) cast
Alex Engel ’08 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) key grip

Mandy Mandelstein ’12 (BFA, Kanbar F&TV), Casting Coordinator



Category: Spotlight

Film: Bottled Up
Enid Zentelis ’99 (MFA, ’99; Faculty Member, Kanbar F&TV) writer/director

Film: Almost Christmas
Ciera Wells ' 08 (MFA, Design for Stage and Film) costume designer

Category: Viewpoints

Film: A Birder's Guide to Everything
Rob Meyer ’07 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) director/writer
Luke Matheny ’10 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) writer
Ryan Silbert ’13 (MFA candidate, Kanbar, Film) producer
Ethan Cohen ’00 (BFA, Drama) cast
Lucas Near-Verbrugghe ’06 (MFA, Acting) cast
Elizabeth J. Jones ’03 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) production design
Armann Ortega ’11 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) set decorator
Ryan Hamelin ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) 1st assistant director/2nd unit
Lyle Vincent ’07 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) b camera operator/2nd unit director of photography

Film: Cutie and the Boxer
Lydia Dean Pilcher ’83 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) producer
Andy Grieve ’00 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) additional editor
Akiko Iwakawa-Grieve ’99 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) additional editor

Film: Dancing in Jaffa
Philip Shane ’93 (MA, Cinema Studies) writer/editor
Morgan Spurlock ’94 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) executive producer

Film: Deep Powder
Mo Ogrodnik (Faculty) director/writer
Matt Bardin ’03 (MFA, Kanbar, Goldberg DDW) writer
Christine Vachon (Former Adjunct Faculty) producer
Amanda Warren ’05 (BFA, Drama) cast
Jeremy Boros ’12 (BFA, Drama) cast
Samuel Syrop ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) leadman
Erika Houle ’11 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) 2nd assistant camera
Alexa Whiteside ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) casting assistant
Hannah Schatzle ’12 (BFA, Drama) costume production assistant
Alex Familian ’13 (BFA candidate, Kanbar, F&TV) assistant editor
Jeremy R. Keller ’13 (BFA candidate, Kanbar, F&TV) assistant editor
Brian Deming ’02 (MA, Cinema Studies) assistant to composer/music score mixer
David Newhouse ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) assistant production coordinator

Mandy Mandelstein ’12 (BFA, Kanbar F&TV), Assistant to Mo Ogrodnik, Stills, Extras Casting


Film: Farah Goes Bang
Kate French ’09 (BFA, Drama) cast

Film: Flex Is Kings
Joshua Woltermann ’03 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) co-producer

Film: Kiss The Water
Sabine Krayenbühl ’90 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) editor

Film: The Moment
Larry McGinley ’03 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) 1st assistant editor
Courtney Slusser ’09 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) assistant to the producers

Category: Short Film Documentary

Film: Recollections
Nathanael Carton ’12 (MFA, Kanbar, Tisch Asia Film) director/writers

Film: Reporting on The Times: The New York Times and The Holocaust
Emily Harrold ’12 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) director

Category: Short Film Narrative

Film: Close Your Eyes
Neslihan Arslan (MFA '10, Design for Stage and Film), production designer

Film: The Exit Room
Todd Wiseman Jr. ’09 (BFA, Kanbar, F&TV) director/writer

Film: Honeymoon Suite (蜜月套房)
Zao Wang ’10 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) director
Tom Toro ’10 (Kanbar, Film) writer

Emily Carmichael ’12 (MFA, Kanbar, Film) director/writer


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