Ben Reeves strode up to Bobst Library on a dreary August morning with a big grin on his face, despite the deluge and the early hour. While others hurried by, brows furrowed, he was game to answer a few rapid-fire questions.

What brings you to the library this fine morning?

I’m a master’s student in Draper, finishing up my degree.

photo: Ben Reeves

Like, now?

Yes! My thesis is due in three days. I’ll probably be here until midnight.

Wow. I won’t keep you! What’s your thesis about?

No, no, it’s fine. I’m comparing U.S. interventions in Lebanon in the 1980s and in Somalia in the early 1990s.

Impressive. What’s in the brown bag? Brain food?

It’s a breakfast sandwich from the second cart down—and coffee, of course. [laughs]

And the sandals on a day like this? Accident or strategy?

Well, today they were an accident—I didn’t know it was raining. But on another day, I’d call it a strategy. This way, after my feet dry, I won’t have to sit in the library with wet shoes all day.